Microcrontroller Projects with Arduino Compatibles


 Below is an outline of first-time user's agenda to learn the very basics of using the Arduino platform.



		Install the Arduino IDE on your PC 
			* https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software
			* Allow the installer to setup the driver(s) for the Arduino
			* The IDE installer a bit hefty in terms of file size and run time, so please download and run it before the presentation.
		Install third party libraries and examples
			* In the IDE, File -> Preferences -> Additional Boards Manager URLs:
				- https://adafruit.github.io/arduino-board-index/package_adafruit_index.json
				- 'Okay'

Agenda Outline


		* Overview
		* Arduino LED 'Hello World'
			- Using different values for the delay length, program an arduino UNO with the blink without delay sketch.
			- In the IDE, select
				+ Examples -> 02 Digital -> Blink without delay
				+ Select 'Tools' -> Board -> Arduino/Genuino Uno
				+ Then  'Tools' -> Port -> whatever port the Arduino shows up as on the PC (COM9 or similar).  See the DeviceManager if you are not sure.

		* RGB LED Strip
			- Program an arduino UNO drive an NEOPixel strip
			- Connect the Strip to the Arduino
			- In the IDE select
				+ Sketch -> Include Library -> Adafruit NeoPixel
				+ File -> Examples -> Adafruit NeoPixel -> simple
				+ File -> Examples -> Adafruit NeoPixel -> starndtest
		* Questions and Wrap Up

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