This workflow has the follwoing 3 steps below.

Step 1 - Create an SVG Path Using G.I.M.P.

  1. Create a path with the select tool.
    • You can create a path using the Select -> By Color menu option. Then select a color in the current image.
    • Then right-click the selection -> Select -> To Path
  2. Export the path as an .svg
    • Via the paths dialog tab, select the path and right click it to select 'Export Path..'.
    • Save the path as an .svg file.

Step 2: Create a .scad File from the .svg Path with Inkscape

  1. File -> Open and then select the .svg file made with GIMP
  2. Extensions -> Generate from Path -> Paths to OpenSCAD

    Then save the file with a .scad extension.

Render and Export an .stl File with OpenScad

  1. File -> Open
    • select the .scad file made with Inkscape
  2. Design -> Compile and Render
    • This may (likely will) take a long while to finish the output window may even give error messages, but let it run to completion. If you see Simple = yes, then you are good to continue. If not then there are problems with the path. Look for 'floaters' in the .svg path and remove any.
  3. File -> Export -> Export as STL...


Use the .stl file to print your 2D to 3D model!

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