Specify the Visual Studio Version at Build Time



		Specifiy the VS version on the command line via:
		This message is seen if the Visual Studio version on the build server is not available:
			"Microsoft.WebApplication.targets was not found"

Using tf.exe on the Command Line


Using tf.exe with Team Foundation Server to manage version control from the command line.

The tf.exe if available from the Visual Studio program named 'Developer Command Prompt for VS 2017'.


If you see this message: 'tf status unable to determine the source control server'
Then issue a 'tf workspaces' command in the local working copy directory:

c:\home\group\acme-co\versioning\solutions\>tf workspaces /s:"http://acme:9090/tfs/acme-solutions/"


These are typical workflow commands:

tf vc add .tfignore

tf vc status /recursive .


How do I view any files deleted from the local working copy?

What is the proper way to rename a file and have TFS recognize that the old file moved to the new file?


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