Mac OS X - Keyboard Shortcuts


 This is a list of some Mac OS X hot keys. 

What is the keyboard shortcut to move between tabs?


or in the Chrome browser use:

How to reorder Chrome tabs (using the 'Rearrange Tabs' extension):

What the is the 'Page Up' hot key?

in a browser -> Option(alt) + Up_Arrow


How do I switch between different windows of the same application with a hot key? command-`   (command then backtick)


What is the equivilant of MS Windows 'Alt-F4'?  command+Q


Who do I get to the application menu?  command-shift-/



command+Shift+3         entire screen

command+Shift+4         a selected area of the screen


How to Show the Context Menu

    This link expains how to show the contenxt menu ONLY where the mouse pointer
is located.  The (possible) inconvenience thing about this technique is that you have
to "Enable Mouse Keys' AND hit the Option key 5 times to turn on Mouse Keys AND
then hit Fn+Ctrl+i on the laptop keyboard (or Ctrl+5 on desktop).


Other Tips

enable apache Apache can be enabled in Mac OS X by enabling 'Web Sharing' in the System Preferences applet.

enable PHP The server side scripting language, PHP, can be enabled by uncommenting the PHP line(s) in the Apache configuration file. The path to the Apache configuration file is show by issuing the httpd -V command and looking for the value of SERVER_CONFIG_FILE.


 In Finder, to move between views use

command+1,2,3, or 4

To navigate the filesystem hierarchy use


Open the 'Force Quit' Dialog


Reset the SMC

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