Configuring sendmail for AT&T U-Verse


 This guide overviews how to configure SMTP for sendmail for use with a U-Verse email address. By 'U-verse email address, I mean one that ends with ''.

Prerequisite Software

 This projects uses the Debian operating system, or derivatives like Ubuntu or Raspbian.

Configuration Files and Installation

  • /etc/mail/authinfo

    Create this file and add this content, updating to match your account with U-Verse "" "P:thepassword" "M:PLAIN"
  • /etc/mail/

    Add these lines to configure the SMTP relay server for AT&T U-Verse

    define(`SMART_HOST', `[]')dnl
  • Update sendmail Configuration

    Update the sendmail configuration with m4.

    sudo m4 /etc/mail/ > sudo /etc/mail/                        

    Then update sendmail configuration with U-Verse email credentials from above.

    cd /etc/mail
    sudo makemap hash authinfo < authinfo

Basic Usage

This useage of sendmail gets the email conents from a file named 'mailtest.text'.

cat mailtest.text | sendmail -t

Here is the contents of 'mailtest.text':

Subject: New Mailtest subject

new Testmail via bash script

Usage with Attachment


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