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 This project stems from the Adafruit Trellis LED driver using single color LEDs. There is a Neotrellis that uses RGB LEDs in case that fits your project better. But once you commit and solder an LED, then you have to desolder to change colors. I am not a fan of desoldering. If you like to desolder LEDs then this project is not for you.

If on the other hand you don't want to desolder and like to preview LED patterns for the Adafruit Monochrome Trellis then keep reading!

Software Prerequisites

 This application is available online via Thingiverse or offline via the OpenSCAD desktop application .

See this 'Getting Started' with OpenSCAD Customizer guide if you are not familiar with the desktop/offline version of Customizer.


 Usage for the Thingiverse and OpenSCAD customizer is pretty much the same. The user interface provides 16 drop down menus, each showing the different colors available.

Mix and match until you have a pattern that meets the project needs. Take a screen shot to use as reference when soldering the LEDs into the actual Adafruit Trellis LED driver board.



Going Further

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