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Web Automation with Testng


 As described on its website, TestNG is a "JUnit-inspired test framework with extra functionality.

Data Set Driven Testing

Here is an example of a TestNG class that uses a data set at the method level.

Maven Configuration - See the 'suiteXmlFiles' element in the Surefire plugin to see how to specify the TestNG configuration.

Testng Configuration - I need to clean the commented code up in this file, but what is active/uncommented works :) Note: The commented code was my attempt to get Testng and JUnit to co-exists in the same Maven project, but I found that the latest of each are not compatible :( So for now, it is one or the other.

Test Report - See the file named 'emailable-report.html'.




Data Driven Testing

Tests Suites

Parallel Execution
Run Test Suites from a Java main() Class

        java org,testng.TestNG testng.xml testng2.xml testng2.xml

Testng Reports with Screenshots


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