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MOVE THIS TO THE RUBY SECTION - Setting up Selenium WebDriver to Run in Headless Mode on Jenkins

This article presents a way to have the Jenkins continuous integration server run Selenium Webdriver tests in headless mode.  The topics include:



This article assumes the following are setup locally on the target machine:


Linux Prerequisite

Ubuntu 11.10 was used for this write up.

Jenkins will use Xvnc to run a headless browser.  If it is not already installed, use the following command to install xvnc-server

sudo apt-get install vnc4server

Jenkins Prerequisite

Jenkins release 1.433 was used for this write up.

To run the Selenium Webdriver tests you will need the Xvnc Plugin for Jenkins. This can be installed via Manage Jenkins -> Mangage Plugins -> Available -> Xvnc Plugin.


Ruby Prerequisite

Ruby 1.8.7 & Ruby Gems 1.7.2 were used for this write up.

The method presented in this article uses the Selenium WebDriver and Headless Ruby Gems.  If they are not already on the system, run the following to install them:

sudo gem install selenium-webdriver

sudo gem install headless
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