Sine Vase - Cube and Cylinder


 This project page reviews the cube and cylinder sine vases implemented in OpenSCAD.


 This project is a remix from Chompworks's sine cube vase. His version uses the OpenSCAD cube primitive. This version uses the cube as well as the cylinder.

Renditions and Photos

Below are some renditions of the cylinder sine vase.





Source Code Walk Through

The source code from Chompworks is very well documented. The remix of that code for this project adds a couple OpenSCAD Customizer directives and includes code to create the vase using the cylinder primitive.

That code change pretty much comes down to this:

    cylinderHeight = basewidth + (layers/maxlayers*30) + 10*cos(layers*15) * sin(angle*8);

    cylinder(r=2, h=cylinderHeight, $fn=20);

See the 'Resources' section for a link to the full source code.

Generating an STL

The first time attempting to generate an STL file from this code change was in Jan 2018. The machines available had limited (not enough) RAM.

Almost 2 years passed, before access was gained to a machine with enough RAM. This was in Oct of 2019.

It ended up taking 17GB+ of RAM for the openscad program to generate the STL. If you have access to a local machine with at least that amount of RAM you should not have a problem creating the STL locally.

This second time around, the online machine learning service from Valohai was used. Valohai has a free tier, but a small amount of paid service ($3.81) was used for this project.

Here is a screenshot of the Valohai configuration used for this project:

Going Further

This project requires lots of RAM from the machine to complete. But one way to take this project further (given lots and lots of RAM) is to not use a cube or cylinder but a custom icon to build the vase.

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