OpenSCAD Presentation


 This presentation provides a brief introduction to OpenSCAD and its basic to intermediate features.

Self Introduction

  • Roberto Marquez
  • Class of 1997
  • @onebeartoe

Audience Queries

	what is a common model file format for 3D printing?

	who has made a 3D model with any computer tool?

	who has written a computer program?

	who is familiar with open source software?

	who has heard of OpenSCAD?
            (SCAD -> Solid Computer Aided Design)                

Basic Operations

  • primitives
    • cube
    • cylinder
    • cone
    • pyramid
    • minkoski (rounded corners)
  • difference
  • union
  • iteration
    • treasure troll hair

Intermediate Operations

(Somewhat) Advanced Operations - Customizer

  • fidget spinners
          STL files
  • ornaments
          STL files
  • rainmakers
          STL files


Going Further

  • Create an OpenSCAD Library
          Nefertiti La Forge
               STL FIles
  • OpenSCAD Insects
          STL files
  • Equations Graph in 3D
          Function Grapher


	I acknowledge:

		faith in Jesus and the Creator

		parents and/or guardians

		those who came before us providing shoulders on which to stand

			Chris Medina, Class of 1976

			Open Source pioneers

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Tue Oct 08 18:48:55 CDT 2019

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