OpenSCAD Light Signals

Overview - nananananana Light Signal!

 This project uses OpenSCAD to model light signals with customizable text and icons.










Design Considerations

There are other OpenSCAD projects on this site that use icon cutouts. So far, in that project the icons have a wide range of scaling in the X and Y axis. This is because not all icons use a 'standard' size. This creates a negative user experience where they have to adjust the icon size for each icon.

To avoid that negative experience, this project uses a thumbnail version of the icons that are all the same size.

3D Printing and Assembly

 There is not much to assembly if the light signal stand is not used in your project. Just print the file(s) named *-light-signal.stl and add a light source like a mobile device's flash LED to the end light signal's top hole.

Print the 'basic-light-signal-stand.stl' file for a basic stand. If the Thingiverse Customizer is used to create your '*-light-signal.stl' file then make sure the 'Mounting Posts' option is set to 'Yes'.

This the light signal and stand printed assembly requires gently inserting the light signal mounting pegs into the holes in arms of the stand. The video has more details on assembly, so be sure to check it out and subscribe for more OpenSCAD content!

Going Further

  • This project works find with no stand and just a mobile device's flash LED as a light source. But it would be even better if the stand and light signal had dedicated electronics for the lighting.

Date Created: 2016-12-06 09:54:26 -0600 (Tue, 06 Dec 2016)

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