OpenSCAD IDE Support

 The IDE from the OpenSCAD project has a decent IDE with all the features you need to edit code and view .scad script a renderings, and export .stl files.

This works well for projects that only have one .scad script, but more IDE features are available for OpenSCAD via an eclipse IDE plugin.

OpenSCAD eclipse Plugin

 While the OpenSCAD application (version 2015.03-2) provides an integrated development environment, it does not provide code completion or a way to navigate multiple files.

It is a good thing that Patrick Lei wrote a nice OpenSCAD plugin for eclipse. Here is the project site:

The plugin works with at least ecipse Luna.

Add the following Software Site to install the plugin:

If installing the eclipse plugin for OpenSCAD gives errors, then try adding the following Software Site.

Some users reported having to add XText before the plugin would install correctly. Only if seeing itext errors, try adding XText plugin. This is the Software Site for the XText plugin:

Help ->Install new software, then install both:

  • xtend
  • xtext
  • Uncheck "Contact all update sites during install to find required software"

Once you have your OpenSCAD files/project open in eclispe, usage is straight forward.

Right click any .scad file -> Open with -> OpenSCAD Editor

To have the OpenSCAD application synchronize with changes in eclipse, check the 'Design -> Automatic Reload and Preview' option in the OpenSCAD menus.

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