PowerBoost 500 Charger Enclosure



 This OpenSCAD guide goes over the process used to create an enclosure for the Adafruit PowerBoost 500 Charger, on/off switch, and a battery.

OpenSCAD Source Code

  The OpenSCAD source code for the PowerBoost 500 Charger is available on Github.

Here is the source code listing:

Let's start at the top with 'use' statements that import OpenSCAD library modules.

The second and third 'use' statements just bring the modeled battery and button mounts as parts to reuse.

And the first 'use' statement, for rounded-cube-enclosure.scad, brings in a module called roundedCubeEnclosure(). This use file in turn calls a library module, from rounded-cube.scad, to bring in the roundedCube() module that is the main solid used for this enclosure.

The roundedCube() module uses the built-in OpenSCAD minkowski() transformation. That is how the rounded corners are achieved.

After the use statements is the main module for this project, powerboost500ChargerEnclosure(). This module calls the union() boolean operation on charger stand offs, button mount, and the enclosure shell with its cutouts.

The encsosure shell is made with a call to the difference() operation on the roundedCubeEnclosure() and the battery cutout and on/off button coutout.

Going Further

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